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The increase in awareness about mitochondrial disease and the fact that more centres of excellence are being created, means more research studies are being undertaken. Studies focus on developing therapies, drugs for treatments and cures, while others concentrate on, diagonsis, prevention and the management of the disease in daily life. IMP believes each of these areas are important to patients and their families.

Although the information on ongoing research studies is mostly in technical, medical language it is worthwhile paying attention to. And patients often wonder what is going on in the world with respect to research studies.

With respect to finding a therapy, or different therapies for different types of mitochondrial disease, it is important to realise that the whole development process takes many years. Yet, it is hopeful to see how many researchers are involved and dedicated to improve the lives of mitochondrial patients, and ultimately to find a therapy for mitochondrial disease.

There are also a number of general information websites, listing ongoing clinical trials in the world. For a good search on these websites it is advisable to narrow down the search to "mitochondrial disease". In these lists you will also see the current status of the trials (recruiting, ongoing, ended, prematurely ended, terminated, failed, etc.)

The EU clinical trials register:

The US National Library of Medicine list (international):

Breaking news on outcomes of research studies or clinical trials will be reported on the website under 'news'.

Please contact IMP for questions on specific studies or on the drug development process in general. IMP has direct communication lines with many researchers, institutes and medical authorities. 


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