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Mitochondrial Association Finland (Mitofin) Joins IMP


IMP is delighted to welcome the Mitochondrial Association Finland (Mitofin) as its newest member.   

Mitofin is the only association in Scandinavia and Baltic area focused on mitochondrial disease. Founded 2018, it operates thanks to the support of volunteers.

The association offers support to its members, and it works closely with the University of Helsinki's Anu Wartiovaara group and other researchers.

Find out more at on Facebook or on Instagram.

Mitofin is the sixteenth national mitochondrial disease organisation to join IMP. 

The map below gives a visual representation of the countries our members are located in: 

Australia - Mito Foundation

Belgium - Boks

Bulgaria - National Association of Patients with Mitochondrial Diseases

Canada - MitoCanada

Finland - Mitofin

France - Ammi

Germany - GDM

Italy - Mitocon

Spain - AEPMI

UK - The Lily Foundation & MDUK

USA - MitoAction & UMDF

Find out more about our members.

 Map of IMP Members


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