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Euromit June 2023

Image of Kira Mann presenting at Euromit 2023. She is standing in front of a blue velvet curtain and standing behind a podium that bears the Euromit logo.

Euromit's Opening Ceremony began as the IMP Annual Meeting concluded. For the first time, IMP’s Chair – Kira Mann – was invited to present to the delegates. To share the patient voice during the Opening Ceremony was a honour and showed how far we, as a family of patient organsations, have come in bring patients to the forefront of mitochondrial medicine. We thank the Euromit organisers for this opportunity. 

There was a constant buzz of excitement around the IMP booth at Euromit. Some of the world's leading researchers and clinicians spoke to our members at the booth. They stood alongside those just starting their careers, patients and families, other non-profit organisations, and representatives from industry. 

During the meeting, IMP representatives met with research project leaders, clinicians looking for ways to support their patients in countries where there isn’t a patient organisation, and representatives from industry to discuss potential funding opportunities. 

Euromit also provided the opportunity to watch unmissable presentations about the latest developments in mitochondrial medicine.  

The Lily Foundation, one of IMP’s members, published a great report on Euromit. 

The Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research and Newcastle University also produced an interesting report. 

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