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Gene Therapies and the Promise for Mitochondrial Disease

A Virtual Symposium


The Mito Foundation will hold a digital symposium on Thursday 17 September, as part of World Mitochondrial Disease Week (formerly Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week). The Symposium will gather leading local and international mitochondrial disease (mito) experts to explore the latest research developments and their implications on future treatments and diagnosis of mito.

The Symposium's theme is "Gene Therapies and the Promise for Mitochondrial Disease".

Curated by two leading Australian mitochondrial disease experts, Prof Mike Ryan and Prof David Thorburn, the Symposium will explore the latest in gene therapies and the implications for future diagnosis and treatments.

The line-up of expert speakers from around the globe includes:

  • Prof Ian Alexander, Children's Medical Research Institute (Australia)
  • Dr Carlos Moraes, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami (USA)
  • Dr Vamsi Mootha, Howard Hughes Medical Institute & Harvard Medical School (USA)
  • Dr Beverly Mok, Harvard University (USA)

This is a rare opportunity to hear about the developments in mitochondrial research directly from the researchers. 

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