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Bulgarian Association Joins IMP

IMP extends a warm welcome to its newest member, the Bulgarian “National Association of Patients with Mitochondrial Diseases”.  The organisation is the only group to support people affected by mito in the country.

It was founded in December 2019 by seven parents who have children affected by mito, or who have sadly lost children to this devastating disease.

The association’s primary goal is to have mito included on the list of rare diseases in Bulgaria. The small team of dedicated volunteers who run the association are working closely with doctors who will provide the medical evidence needed to support their campaign. The association is a member of the Bulgarian National Alliance of People with Rare Diseases. 

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Its additional goals are to:

  • Find and support mitochondrial patients in Bulgaria.
  • Enhance knowledge about mito among health professionals and society in general.
  • Create educational and informational campaigns about mito and the problems faced by patients, individually or in collaboration with other organisations.
  • Improve patient access to: diagnostic services, clinical trials, treatments and therapies (including orphan drugs).
  • Create a register of mito patients in Bulgaria.
  • Collaborate with authorities to facilitate social integration and rehabilitation of mito patients.


For more information about this exciting new mito association please contact Mr Lyubomir Malamov – Chairman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the Facebook page.



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