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Are you interested in the latest scientific developments and research studies regarding mitochondrial disorders? If so, the patient meeting at the international medical congress, Euromit2017, is the place to be. The programme, especially developed for patients and their families, is taking place on Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15th of June (two half days), in Cologne, Germany. Presentations are given by leading researchers specialised in mitochondrial disease from all over the world. The programme also offers a great opportunity for patients to ask questions to these specialists. The main language is English but the presentations will also be translated simultaneously in German (headphones). And last but not least the patient meeting is an excellent event to meet other mitochondrial patients.

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Years ago Euromit started as a purely medical conference for all professionals involved in mitochondrial disease. It soon developed into a large international event, held every 3 years, and professionals working with or for mitochondrial patients were all meeting each other at this conference. Since Euromit2014 which took place in Finland a special patient programme was added. This programme aims at informing patients, families and caretakers about the latest scientific developments and running projects. Scientists summarize the scientific presentation in understandable words. And specialised clinicians and other professionals are available for questions.

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