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On Friday the 27th of May extraordinary events took place in Ottawa and Calgary, Canada and also in Australia. Team MitoCanada partnered with the AMDF in Australia. A team of 25 amazing people aimed at beating 6 endurance records by running on treadmills. Additionally Team MitoOttawa raised awareness at the Ottawa Marathon.

All this to raise awareness and funds for the fight against mitochondrial disease.

Blaine Penny, with the support of his wife Sarah and daughter Julia, started ‘Running for those who can’t’ and co-founded Team MitoCanada. Team MitoCanada has grown into a successful fundraising arm of MitoCanada, with runners and supporters all over the world.

MitoCanada and the AMDF are both members of IMP and as such active in the worldwide battle against mitochondrial disease.

The events were given tremendous response in the media and from the public.

After the 24 hour effort was finished it turned out that not 6 but 7 world records (Guinness Book of Records) were smashed! Thanks to the fantastic teams the fundraising goal is coming closer. Help them come closer to this goal and donate at

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