Save the Date for this year's World Mitochondrial Disease Week - 19-25 September 2021

LHON Awareness Day - 19 September

Find out more about the free online LHON Awareness Day event.


Light Up for Mito - 25 September

Find participating monuments and landmarks in your country.

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Looking Back on a Fantastic World Mitochondrial Disease Week 2020

The World Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 2020 which took place from 13-19 September showed some fantastic results. In the Light-Up-for-Mito campaign 173 monuments were asking attention for mito while being lit in green; 173 landmarks throughout the world!

More than 40 events and special activities were registered in the awareness week and probably more than that took place. Different events of informational, educational and fundraising nature. For those who want to know the specifics:

One very special event was the Awareness Event on Facebook for LHON patients and their families. This is still available on the IMP Facebook page.

The Australian Mito Foundation organised a Symposium: "Gene Therapies and the Promise for Mitochondrial Disease"  with presentations which attracted interest throughout the world. The presentations can be found on

Everything was promoted and shared online, specifically through social media. With many thanks to the mito community which is so active, despite the difficult circumstances in the world this year.

We understood that some of the fundraising events made up a little bit of the financial sufferings due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. Although this will not solve all problems but it certainly helps.

If you plan to organise more activities to gain support for research funding you may use the Messages of Hope compilation video: 


  Working together we can focus the world’s attention on mito!

However you raise awareness, thank you!


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