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Power Me

Severe fatigue in children and adolescents with a mitochondrial disease is the focus of the PowerMe study.

Fatigue is a common symptom across many of the mitochondrial diseases and can have a life changing impact. There are no medications to reduce fatigue. It is possible that severe fatigue may be helped through physical, occupational and psychological treatments.

The PowerMe study is a blended cognitive behavior therapy targeting fatigue in children and adolescents with mitochondrial diseases. The intervention aims to reduce perceived fatigue by targeting fatigue-related conditions and behaviours.

The results of the study are being analysed and we look forward to sharing them when published.


IMP is proud to have participated in this project. IMP is committed to contributing to the best care of mito patients around the world.


To read more, download:

Blended cognitive behaviour therapy for children and adolescents with mitochondrial disease targeting fatigue (PowerMe): study protocol for a multiple baseline single case experiment, Klein et al in Open Access.

Cognitive functioning and mental health in mitochondrial disease: A systematic scoping review , Inge-Lot Klein et al in Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews


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